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Howton U is a series about college life at a HBCU, has not been highlighted since “A Different World.”  I had a two-fold purpose for this conception (1) create a television show, and (2) educate and expose aspiring college students to the TV and film industry. Howton U recently partnered with Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina for the next episodes of the show. Students assisted with the production in various capacities. In addition, webinars with industry experts such as Bentley Kyle Evans, the executive producer of "Martin" and the "Jamie Foxx show," as well as Raamla Mohamed, a writer for the hit show "Scandal" were conducted with the students.


Howton University components

- In an effort to develop a pipeline between Television & Film Industry veterans and current students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), the HOWTON U web series project was formed.
- A 1-week web series production (summer timeframe), to foster career development and exposure for current undergraduate students majoring in Liberal Arts, Communications and/or TV & Film Production.
- The project will allow hands-on experience working in various capacities of development, production, distribution and marketing of the Howton U. series, created in 2012 by HBCU graduates and industry professionals.
- This project will allow for HBCU students to learn the various aspects of the TV and Film industry and develop a show from start to finish.